Introducing Project Planet
The next level, super awesome members club where you can help fight climate change
  • Be an awesome Human - contribute to the planet by planting 30 trees every month
  • Choose your own super cool gift each month 
  • ​Love life because you get great stuff and feel great about it too
What Is Project Planet?
Much more than a club, it's a cause.
My name's Chris and I'm the founder of Giveably. You can read our full story here, but basically we're a store that sells cool jewelry and plants a tree for every dollar you spend. If you like looking awesome and love the planet and life and stuff, you should check it out.

Our goal is to plant a tree for everyone on the planet. I know, I know, It's a big goal. In fact, we realised pretty quick we needed to up our game if we're gonna get there. We needed to get people more involved. We needed... a club! 

So we created Project Planet. 

Basically it's a club that helps the planet AND helps you to look good AND helps you to feel good AND makes you a better person. In fact when you join you immediately become a 25% better person. After the first 6 months, you'll be in the top 1% of good people on the planet. You'll probs get into the Good Place just from this.

When you join you'll be helping plant 30 awesome, carbon trapping, climate loving trees every single month. On top of the amazing feeling you get from that, we also let you pick a super cool gift each month to say thanks (worth $40).

That's all there is to it. Pretty easy, but I know some people don't read so good, so here it is in simple form with pictures...
Join Project Planet And Become World Saving Superhero
Plant 30 Trees Every Month Without Even Looking At A Shovel
Choose Your Own Thank You Gift Every Month
Look Good, Feel Great And Probs Get Into Heaven
 Special Offer For Giveably Customers
Join Today And Get Your First 14 Days For Only $1
Giveably customers can get the first 14 days of their Project Planet membership for only $1 and still get the same benefits, and plant the same number of trees to fight climate change. Then it's just $29.95 per month (regular price $39.95 - that's a 25% lifetime discount)!
I'm in looooove with the stuff I get from Project Planet. So glad to be part of such an awesome movement :)
Jenna K - NY
Such a wonderful feeling to know that I'm helping the environment every month. And on top of that every single product sent to me has been amazing!
Pamela D - AZ
What Gifts Can I Pick From Each Month? 
We have an awesome range of natural stone jewellery to help you look and feel ace. You get to pick anything you like up to $40. Want something that costs more than $40? Easy - just pay the difference.

Some examples for ya...
Feel like grabbing the Mind Opening Bracelet? Made from Tiger's Eye and Hematite, not only does it look fashionable, but it's comfy AF. I mean, just look at those curves, baby.
Prefer the Amethyst Tree Of Life Necklace? Look at the gorgeous natural Amethyst stone. Imagine the weighty feel of this magical piece around your neck, protecting you from the negativity of every day life.
Or what about the Courage Finding Bracelet? Let's get one thing straight, this is a warrior's bracelet. Made from natural Tiger's Eye and Obsidian stones, this adjustable bracelet is the perfect fit for those who seek strength, confidence and determination.

Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
We need more companies like this! Keep up the great work in helping our only planet. Love, Anna
Anna E - TX
Joining Project Planet has been a no brainer. The wife and I are enjoying the monthly gifts a lot.
Peter G - NJ
One more time: No contract or long term commitment - guaranteed.
The upside for the planet is ENDLESS!
Imagine the difference we can make with a few million trees!
Trees play a really big role in our every day life. We for reals wouldn't even be here without them! Here are only some of the benefits that trees provide us:
Infographic: Ecosia

So, is there a contract?
Nope! There is no contract when you join Project Planet. If you're unhappy with anything or change your mind about being a better person, you can cancel your membership at any time, and go back to being a regular person.
Is there a guarantee?
Affirmative. We offer a 100% satisfaction and quality guarantee. If there's ever a problem with your products or your membership we'll fix it ASAP. No ifs or buts. And not even any Maybes.
What’s next?
 The first 14 days of your membership will only cost you $1. Just one buck! You won't need to do anything to continue enjoying your monthly benefits and we'll continue to plant 30 trees on your behalf every month for only $29.95.

As soon as you're a member, we'll send you an email with what to expect in the future and we'll get you hooked up with your first monthly gift! 

So what are you waiting for, click below now to join Project Planet and lend a helping hand to the one and only planet we call home.
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
Why plant trees?
There are heaps of ways that trees help both people and the planet: Trees are habitat for biodiversity... they create most of the planet’s oxygen... they help combat climate change... they give us a place to hang a swing in the garden... The list is nearly endless!

Can I choose my monthly item?
Yep, that's one of the bestest bits! You get to pick anything you like up to $40. Want something that costs more than $40? Easy - just pay the difference.

Can I get the same monthly gift twice?
You can do whatever you like. Seriously. You're an adult. 

The gifts I've received have helped me so much throughout my spiritual journey. Can't recommend them enough!
Rhonda L - AZ
If you want to make a real difference to the state of the world today, don't even think about it, JOIN!!!
Patricia E - TX
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